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Welcome to Kibler Productions!  Make sure you browse our site to see what we can do for you!

Our Philosophy 

Let's face it. Weddings are expensive! Getting married is one of the most cherished and special times for anyone- unfortunately wedding vendors know that too and charge accordingly! That's where Kibler Productions comes in. Don't be stuck with thinking you can't get a high quality, professional looking wedding video without taking on an additional loan! Many places around here want to charge THOUSANDS of dollars to capture your special day! You won't find those kind of prices at Kibler Productions! Affordable and professional video... that's our promise to you!


The wedding clip above is encoded for a typical cable/dsl connection using YouTube.  This sample will work best on a high speed connection.  Video clips have been condensed for the internet and are not full montages!  Quality of streaming video is greatly reduced compared to the actual finished product.




Availability of Kibler Productions

April 2014 Still reserving wedding dates
May 2014 Still reserving wedding dates
June 2014 Still reserving wedding dates
July 2014 Limited dates available
August 2014 Still reserving wedding dates
September 2014 Still reserving wedding dates